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They say freedom is just a place to hide   
08:06pm 19/07/2005
mood: no idea
I find I never update when I've got a lot going on in my head. I guess I just don't want the whole world to know what goes on behind the scenes at Jessica, the musical. So, I guess it's pretty official that we will be moving out of this house within the next year. I don't even really care all that much, but I'd rather just move out on my own and get away from my psycho family. Hmmm looks like I fell asleep in my chair. Time to shower and sleep instead of think.

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That's just a cereal box and a towel!   
11:53am 09/07/2005
  There is entirely too much drama going on lately with my crowd of people. If everyone were as cool as me, there would be no problem, but them's the breaks I guess. Them's the breaks.  

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Shit son!   
06:34pm 08/07/2005
mood: excited

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Boy, that escalated quickly... I mean, that really got out of hand fast!   
11:06pm 04/07/2005
mood: frustrated
Seriously, I cannot believe what's going on right now. I won't get into details because I could go on forever, but let's just say an unwanted parasite is leeching onto my life and DESTROYING EVERYTHING and it's seriously gotten worse within the past couple hours. Also, my brother stole our cordless phone so now there's all that bullshit going on again. Also, a bee stung my foot today.

What a perfect day to enjoy my break from work!

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04:33pm 04/07/2005
  This weekend has been a flippin mess. I still had a good time because I'm not directly involved, but I still have to deal with it. Anyhow, time to go back to never updating, cheerio!  

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11:11am 20/06/2005
mood: somewhat hungover
Man, I really have to stop dropping it like it's hot. First of all, I was very drunk, so I doubt any kind of movement I was doing was hot. Secondly, I have a feeling I fucked up my leg muscles and they're gonna be in killer pain all week again.

Ugh I have to go to work early today. But it's all good because NEXT SUNDAY IS MY LAST SHIFT!!!!

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Vagina Coastguard!   
02:05am 19/06/2005

Anyway. Some east indian fellow tried picking me up today at the mall. I was leaving work and he stopped me to ask for directions to Chapters, so I told him how to get there, but then he introduced himself and started asking about my braces. Then he's like "hey why don't we go get some coffee or something?" and I'm just like "Oh I gotta go catch the bus..." and he's like "Alright well I'll get your number and we can go out some time." and I was just like "sorry, I have a boyfriend." and then he walked away. Do I have a sign on my forhead that says "Please talk to me as if you have any chance with me even though you don't because YOU'RE A COMPLETE STRANGER." Because if so, I would like to have it swiftly removed. Maybe I'm not friendly or something, or perhaps I'm just shallow and would have agreed to the invitation had he been a younger/hotter guy....but I just don't trust people like that. I think it's because in junior high we learned that pimps find lonely girls in malls and recruit them by befriending them first and then suck them into the depths of hell in an awful swirl of sexual exploitation and drug addiction!

Tomorrow is girlies night and it should be lots of fun. I'll probably have retarded pictures to share!

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02:30am 17/06/2005
To be, or not to be?

What is Your Shakespearian Tragic Flaw?
brought to you by Quizilla

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I pranked him with a tire iron!   
06:50pm 13/06/2005
mood: chipper
From now on I'm just going to type a random letter in the subject box and use one of the many assorted subject titles I've typed in the past. Some of them are pretty random and hilarious.

SO, I got promoted at the Ol' Navy, which means I can now OFFICIALLY officially quit at Krispy Kreme FORILLA because I hate it and it sucks and I want to set my uniform on fire. I got promoted to be a Certified Cash Handler which means I have to either open or close the store cash wise, counting all the tills and setting them up for the cashiers, plus I believe I get to sign off cashier media like return forms and void slips ON THE MANAGER SIGNATURE LINE! I also think I get to do bag checks for employees when they leave the store. I'm no longer an irresponsible jerk! I'm pretty sure I get a raise but they didn't say anything about it on Saturday. I sure hope I get a raise because they don't even have an automated cash counter in the office. I don't count money by hand for minimum wage, no sir I don't! It's kinda funny that I was written up and then promoted in less than a month, but WHATEVZZZ!~!!

Good day!

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Another night in the books.   
02:00am 10/06/2005
mood: bouncy
Double Diamond and Wild Cherry hit the city again, this time with Lucky Seven, making us the sexiest trio to ever exist. Ever. First we found ourselves at some pretty empty old people bar with a couple regulars sitting around, expecting Karaoke, but we were in for much more of a night. We were easily 30+ years younger than everyone else there, and the DJ was totally pleased to entertain us all night. We hit the dance floor by ourselves boogie-ing it up to awesome disco tunes. The DJ had a treasure chest full of crazy wigs and hats so we were sporting sweet 70’s fro’s and vintage sunglasses and rocked out like no other. We weren't even drunk at all. That's the amazing thing. It happened to be some old mans retirement celebration so along with him and some other woman we dressed up as the village people and danced our feet off to the YMCA! To top off the night we belted out our own karaoke along to Bohemian Rhapsody and had everyone in the bar cheering us on BECAUSE WE’RE AWESOME! Do you know how rad it is to leave a bar and have everyone in the place going “Have a good night ladies!!! Be sure to come back!!!” Yeah, it rocks. BECAUSE WE ROCK. Then we headed back to the Lion to meet up with our usual crew and met Mecha Messiah’s new drummer/CRAZY FUCKING MAGICIAN! He totally blew our minds with insane card tricks and illusions. I peed myself at least three times. What an insane, wacky, outrageous, random, wicked night!


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01:44am 06/06/2005
mood: frustrated
I officially feel like a total fucking bitch. I really need to just stay away from people forever because it's more trouble than I wish to deal with. Maybe I'm just a wuss, but I'm trying to avoid life like we avoided the ugly kid at school dances. NO ONE WANTS TO DANCE WITH YOU. fuckitfuckitfuckitfuckitfuckit.

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12:45pm 02/06/2005
  I think Rachel's views on life are 100% accurate. Here's the secret to living life: FUCK IT!

I haven't been up to a whole lot lately, especially anything constructive with my time. I went out to Roosters on saturday with the girls and some random guys we didn't know, and ended up having a blast. TOOOTALLY need to go back there again. Tonight I'm off club hopping downtown, and then Saturday I believe I'm going to some ghetto house party. I AM A MACHINE!

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hyper mediocrity   
06:38pm 20/05/2005
  I got written up at Old Navy yesterday. I don't even care because it's just a first warning and I have to fuck up two more times in three months for them to actually fire me. Apparently last week my till was short exactly 10 bucks, so they were all like "we're not accusing you of stealing it blah blah blah but we just have to give a verbal warning anyway blah blah blah." I had to sign a form and everything and my manager was just rambling about all this crap, and all that was going through my head was "Sweet, it's like an extra 15 minute break!" since I was just sitting down in the office doing nothing. Oooh well.  

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I disagree!   
01:27am 16/05/2005
  Oh god....so either I have a fat stomach, or I look a lot like a tall skinny blonde girl.

Today at work one of the east indian women from production was helping me at drive thru and she said something like "hows the blah blah blah going" but I couldn't really understand what she was saying but I thought she was just asking about my other job or something so I was just like "yeah it's good...." Then she was like "oh that's good, no morning sickness yet?" and I'm just like "OH MY GOD I'M NOT PREGNANT, THAT'S DARCIE!" Hahah I wasn't offended in any way, I really don't care, but it was just pretty funny. She felt sooooooo bad and was all explaining that she hasn't seen Darcie in a while and she gets our names mixed up or something...Good times!

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You wound me!   
11:51pm 09/05/2005
mood: mischievous
Oh curse this horrid day!

I get up, get ready for work, walk to the bus stop, realize I looked at the wrong goddamn day for the bus shedule so I had to call my dad to drive me to work cause the bus wasn't coming at the right time. So I get there and hurry to the back to throw my stuff on the table and quickly glance at the shedule on the wall. WTF MATE? NOT SHEDULED TODAY??? Fuckbeans. So I leave and wait at the bus stop to go home, call Andrea to see if she wants to hang out later, see the bus coming, SEE THE BUS FUCKING PASS BY WITHOUT STOPPING. Luckly Andrea said she could come pick me up and then hang out...I was just waiting for us to get into some terrible accident, or for her car to spontaniously explode or some shit, seeing as how the rest of my morning went.

Oh yeah, and then later my brother discovered the hickeys on my neck and just started laughing and shaking his head and getting all curious. I tried to avoid any kind of conversation about it, but of course he was like "Soooooooo do I know this guy?" and Andrea and her blaaaaabber mouth was like "YOUR SISTER'S A BAND WHORE! SHE MADE OUT WITH A GUITAR PLAYER!" and explained to my brother who he was. Yes, please tell my brother more about my personal life!

At least this packaged noodle soup turned out alright.

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05:49pm 08/05/2005
mood: loved
I think tonight will be nice to finally sleep in my own bed and get more than like 4 hours of sleep. I've been givin'r all weekend and partying till the sun rises :D Some highlights from last night's shenanigans: Stole a shoplifters will be prosecuted sign from the door of home hardware, beat at a bush with a skateboard which caused a cop to pull over and ask if we were getting home alright, realized I'm such a goddamn groupie, aaaand that just about sums it up.

P.S. Give me money.

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01:45pm 04/05/2005
  Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks for being total fucking idiots and letting Wes stay in the house again now that he's out of jail. Remember that other time you let him stay and everything got fucked up? Oh, or the time before that too! And there was probably even another previous occurance, I've just simply lost track. Also, thanks for telling me that he was back and that you were letting him stay here so that in the middle of the night I wouldn't hear the back room door open and close and hear footsteps in the kitchen and get scared thinking that someone's broken into our house. I really appreciate that. It's really smart of you to be so naive and think he's better now, which definately isn't because of the fact he's been in custody for like 3 or 4 months and doesn't have ahold of any money yet. No, this time he's truely better, of course. If I'm supposed to have faith and human compassion, I guess I'm screwed.

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06:59pm 28/04/2005

You May Be a Bit Schizotypal ...

A bit odd and socially isolated.

You couldn't care less of what others think.

And some of your beliefs are a little weird.

Like that time you thought you were Jesus.


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just WOW.   
06:39pm 28/04/2005
  Okay, I've had many a work story about stupid people in my day, but I'm pretty confident that today tops all of them.

I was on cash as usual, and I hear some lady go "AHH!" and then one of the girls I work with go "Oh sorry!" and it turns out Sarb stepped back and stepped on some womans toe, which happened to have fresh nail polish on it from a 50 dollar pedicure. Normally in a situation like that you'd be like "aw well that fuckin sucks..." but no, she asked to SPEAK TO A MANAGER. What the fuck could we possibly do? Pay for a new pedicure because she's too stupid to wait for her nail polish to dry before she leaves? WHO EVEN PAYS 50 DOLLARS FOR PAINT ON THEIR TOES? So yeah she was just like complaining about it and my manager was like "I'm sorry there's really nothing we can do..." She also didn't seem to understand how debit worked when she was buying some shirts (Which we ended up honouring her the sale price from last week, which is total bullshit, but I guess my manager just wanted her out of the store). The pinpad timed out like 3 times and every time she wouldn't understand why I needed her card back, and every time she would just put her card back in her wallet and stare at the pinpad. Finally I was like "You're gonna have to type in your password and stuff when I swipe the card, or the transaction won't go through...." Fucking DERRRRRR.
What a complete MORON. You do not ask to speak to a manager who is incredibly busy running an entire store, to complain about your goddamn nail polish.

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Out of time   
01:51pm 22/04/2005
mood: geeky
Hmmm not much has been happening with me lately. I decided not to quit at Krispy Kreme because Old Navy isn't giving me enough hours.


I'm getting rid of my book shelf and putting in a hand decorated shoe rack and full length mirror. Is it a sign of my diminishing intelligence that I'm replacing a book shelf with shoes and a mirror? I just really don't think I need to keep my collection of Full House Stephanie books anymore. Or my spice girls photo album.

I like nights where I'm at home doing absolutely nothing and then I just randomly stumble upon something fun to do. Last night I was gonna walk to 7-11 at like 9 to get one of those awesome drinks, but then Cam said he'd go with me since he had to go to work anyway. Then I noticed my brothers truck in the parking lot, so Cam left for work and I went in to hang out with my bro and his friends. I was on a roll with knowing what their obscure references were. I knew that "The tab's on Max tonight" is from saved by the bell, and "zzzzzzap" from Simpsons, and "Don't go in there, that's the woofer!" from Dane Cook. So they pretty much think I'm the awesomest person ever now. I also talked to the guys from DRH for a bit. I just walked up to them like "man, are you guys here ALL THE TIME?" Turns out they are. Rob said he had some funny picture of me from the night they played at the Lion, so he's gonna e-mail it to me. I'm a bit concerned because I don't even remember having my picture taken, which means I must have been pretty drunk, which means I definately looked like a retard! YESSSSS!

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